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Online training
Someone calls it a talent or a mission, someone a mission or a calling, I modestly call it an ability
At the training you:
✅ Understand why abilities are so important

✅ Dismantle generic and personal blocks that prevent the opening of abilities

✅ Learn the price of betraying your abilities

✅ See ability as a spiritual value

✅ Make sure it's your ability or you're just good at it

✅ Find abilities in your family
✅ Understand why people envy other people's abilities and are even ready to steal them

✅ Understand why capable people are so vulnerable and how the ability to protect

✅ Find out why talents need help, and mediocrity will break through on their own

✅ You can quickly reach your abilities

✅ Learn from earning abilities
you will work with a coach individually
9am - 3pm (NYC time)
After the training, you will be accompanied for a month
⚡ Find and work out personal and generic blocks that prevent the discovery of abilities
Work plan
⚖️ Find out how you betray your abilities and lose the real you
⭐ Learn how to quickly reach your abilities and develop them
Price $200
March 27